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How To Calculate Your Personality Number By Hand

In order to arrive at your Personality Number, you will use your first and last name. While the Heart's Desire Number or Soul Urge Number deals with vowels, the Personality Number deals with consonants.

Here is an example of how to calculate the Personality Number by hand for Abraham Lincoln.


Step 1: The consonants of the name are assigned to a number corresponding to a Pythagorean numerology chart.

Pythagorean Numerology Chart

Step 2: Add the consonants together.


B = 2, R = 9, H = 8, M = 4, L = 3, N = 5, C = 3, L = 3, N = 5

Total = 2 + 9 + 8 + 4 + 3 + 5 + 3 + 3 + 5
Total = 42

The total will come out to 42.

Step 3: If the total is 11, 22, or 33 then the Personality Number is a master number.

Step 4: If not, then this number is then further reduced to a single number by adding the digits 4 + 2, which equals 6.

Personality Number = 4 + 2
Personality Number = 6

Step 5: The Personality Number for Abraham Lincoln is 6.

Personality Number Meaning

The Personality Number is not necessarily about reducing the vibrant diversity of being human into a tidy and neat little number. This is because there is no way to compartmentalize how sophisticated human vessels are. However, numerology often serves as a helpful crowbar, to crack open a bit of this mystery to help us gain an understanding of ourselves and others.

The Personality Number meanings can assist you in getting your foot through the door and use your skills associated with intuitive reasoning as well as broaden your understanding about other people’s personalities even more.

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Personality Number 1

People who fall under the Number One are ambitious and driven. They are also well-known for getting things done. Their abilities to remain focused are genuinely amazing, and they are even able to concentrate when chaos is all around them. The Ones are usually intelligent and objective and can make difficult decision’s very quickly.

In some cases, these individuals are obstinate, stubborn, and can have an inflated ego. However, if these people are given constructive goals or they have made their mind up about following a specific direction, in the majority of cases, they will easily excel. This is when their goals will overshadow their egos as their personality will now have a specific purpose, this is what makes this individual congruent with vibrations of One, and therefore successful.

Personality Number 1

Personality Number 2

The people that fall under Number Two are trustworthy, honest and in some cases moody. These are people that are usually very talented, and they often have wonderful ideas. These ideas can sometimes cause them to become distracted as they often start moving in two directions simultaneously. These people are also typically by nature philosophical and are usually the people that you will go to if you are in search of sincere advice. They also have a gift to bring or unite people together. They make fantastic liaisons and intermediaries.

Personality Number 2

Personality Number 3

The people that resonate with the Number Three are naturally fortunate. These people always seem to be in just the right places at just the right times. The Three’s are opportunists and also have abilities to make great decisions. These people are intelligent and highly intuitive. The people with the Personality Number Three are excellent communicators, and they are very creative. These people can also be manipulative and stubborn, yet their intentions usually mean well when it comes to just about all of the undertakings they are involved in.

Personality Number 3

Personality Number 4

As most of us can expect, the people that fall under the Number Four frequency happen to be born leaders, and they are mature and stable. If you need something done very thoroughly along with a keen eye for the finest details, ask a person with a Number Four personality. These people like to complete projects in a systematic and orderly way with very casual ease.

These people understand that they rely on structure and in some cases, they feel like they are misunderstood. However, this is usually okay with a Four, because they know how vital their dispositions are and they also recognize their active role in the lives of those around them which is necessary for their progress.

Personality Number 4

Personality Number 5

People that fall under the Personality Number Five are genuinely interested in others and are known for undertaking active roles within their communities. These people enjoy traveling, and they are also high-spirited. However, they do not need structure or routine and adapt easily to the majority of situations. They can handle challenges with unorthodox solutions and cleverness. These individuals usually have a host of ideas and projects that they are juggling all at once, which can mean they become time-strapped. This can mean that they end up losing out on a few opportunities, yet this is irrelevant for a Number Five personality, as they always make sure they come out on top of all their endeavors.

Personality Number 5

Personality Number 6

Personality Number Six is dedicated to people that have tastes that are discriminating, and they are also naturally creative. They are also frequently called on to bring order to or reconcile matters. These people are excellent with numbers, they are easy to get along with, and they are highly intelligent. The Six people have a harmonious disposition and prefer to make love, rather than war. These people are also pacifiers and enjoy nurturing others. They recognize that they have a responsibility to people around them, and they take their “helper” role very seriously.

Personality Number 6

Personality Number 7

The people under the Personality Number Seven are poets and scholars. These people are intelligent and have astounding analytical minds. These people’s minds usually live in a “dream world” where they are able to move events or things to the way they like. Even though their realities are very different from others, it is their reality. These are the individuals that have an amazing ability to bring about the perfect places, people, and events into their own life experiences which leads them along the path of consistent revelations.

Personality Number 7

Personality Number 8

The people that fall under the Personality Number Eight are very successful when it comes to business when success is reliant on a time-frame which allows these things to unfold. These are people that can see the “bigger picture” and trends and can ride waves to their most significant gains. On the other hand, they also know when to retract from an engagement, and their sense also gives them an insight into cyclical natures of events and things. This type of personality is excellent when it comes to the stock markets, games that involve chance, or anything else that includes working closely with statistics.

Personality Number 8

Personality Number 9

The Personality Number Nine is charming and magnetic people that are confident. These people are well-versed in various topics and can express their skills in several areas. When these people are given the channels to express themselves, they can create the most amazing accomplishments. Nine people are very influential and can efficiently manage people in groups. This is the type of personality that is ideal for leadership or a place of power if they use their strengths in a healthy manner.

Personality Number 9

Personality Number 11

The personalities that fall under the Number Eleven go to extreme lengths to conceal their inner nervousness and shyness. Highly emotional and intuitive, Personality Number 11's are souls that radiate genuine kindness and warmth. People are often attracted or gravitate to these people for their kind and gentle spirits.

Personality Number 11

Personality Number 22

This is a master number that equates to the people that are both intuitive and highly creative. They are also very hardworking and deeply practical. People that fall under the Personality Number 22, crave balance and consistency and they will work extremely hard to achieve these goals.

The people with the Personality Number 22 will often not give themselves enough credit, and often do not recognize the powerful energy that they possess. The 22 is highly capable of outstanding creative accomplishments which have to do with their discipline and talent.

Other Interpretations Of Personality Numbers

In some cases, the Personality Number will describe the physical characteristics of a person. For example, a Seven is usually thin and pale, while a Five is usually magnetic and more jolly. These are attributes that are typically only of importance when a Personality Number is echoing another Key Number in Numerology Charts, which can include the Birthday Number or the Life Path Number.

Your Personality Number is also able to give you more information about the people that you meet or things about yourself that you should not ignore. As you delve deeper into the journey of Numerology, you will start to notice how useful and helpful this information is.

Please bear in mind, that these descriptions are very brief. If you are interested in numerology, it is advised that you find a numerologist who can provide you with a more in-depth reading.

The Importance Of Your Personality Number

The impressions that we make when it comes to our environment and others have a direct impact on our lives, whether it is in our personal lives or professional lives. When you start to learn more about the Personality Number, you are offered an opportunity to choose to adjust the way that you are presenting yourself to others.

There is a good reason why first impressions are essential. This has to do with that we all on a subconscious level sense vibrations that emanate from the energy of a person. If you start to understand and recognize these frequencies that you are receiving from others, you can begin to take control of your fate.

The Personality Number is believed to be the more reliable number in order how you predict the way you are most likely to take on situations and your life, along with your points of view and your attitude.

When you find out what your Personality Number is you will start to understand the energies that it represents and begin to set goals in your life that are more realistic. You will also be armed with the information to help you on your path to making better decisions about your experience.

Your Personality Number, which is also known as your True Nature can be compared to a hall that is narrow that leads to a large room that contains who you are. The Personality Number will also often act as a censoring device when it comes to what you are sending out as well as who you will allow to let in.

Learn More About Your Personality Number

When people start learning about Numerology, the more challenging aspect involves gaining an understanding of the critical effects a surrounding environment will have on the Personality Number. This means where numbers are located on your chart will be as crucial like the number is itself, which is similar to how a person will act differently depending on the situation that they are in.

One number might be expressed in a way that is positive when found in a specific location on a numerology chart, while it manifests itself negatively when seen on a different location on the chart. The experienced numerologist looks past just the general statistics and traits of every number, to the changeable nature and subtle differences that they portray under different circumstances. For example, the 3 has a playful disposition which is usually appreciated at most social gatherings, yet in the workplace, this character is less welcoming as they tend to be disorganized and unfocused.

Everything You Need To Know About The Personality Numerology

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