Numerology is probably the simplest of the occult arts for an ordinary person to grasp and apply. You simply need a name and a date of birth to unearth the mystery behind the numbers with a name numerology calculator. The concept is generally associated with the divinatory arts, astrology and the paranormal. It draws pseudo-scientific inferences and faith from numerical patterns.

One does not need to actually practice numerology to draw insights from the beliefs. Numerology charts can be formulated using eleven numbers. Large numbers assigned to the names are reduced by adding digits. This is done until the total sum resulting from the addition is one of the core numbers. The process entails adding parts of a larger number repeatedly to achieve a single digit. For instance, 23 is 2 plus 3 equals 5.

Numerology Calculator

The Numbers Of Numerology

The eleven numbers used to build numerology charts represent a wide variety of expressions and characteristics. The master numbers 11 and 22 are linked to a potential for achievement or learning. The potential is realized most likely in a considerably stressful environment. On the other hand, most people realize that their master numbers work at a more practical or tangible level. This essentially means that their core numbers become identical to the single digit that is parallel.

The calculations provide an interrelation of cosmic vibrations. They make it easier to gain insights on character tendencies, aptitudes, and purpose in life. For this reason, numerologists leverage the power of numbers to gauge the ideal timing for making important life-changing moves. For instance, one can determine the best time for marrying, investing, relocating or traveling.

Date of birth plays a key role in the entire process; it is the first major consideration. It’s outlined numerically in the following sequence: mm/dd/yyyy. The date of birth helps individuals come up with the life path number among other factors.

Name Numerology Calculator

When it comes to numerology, the expression number is key to the calculations. It is a core number that is also known as the destiny number. The expression figure can be drawn from an individual’s full name. It depicts a variety of opportunities at one’s disposal. It forms part of the five core numbers: Personality Number, Life Path Number, Day Number and Heart’s Desire (Soul Urge).

A Numerology Name Calculator helps people calculate these numbers with ease. A single digit number is assigned to each letter in one’s full name. The numerology calculator is based on the algorithm of the alphabet, numerology and your date of birth. This means an individual can simply select numbers featured on the chart and assign them to every single letter of the first, middle and last name.

The numbers should be added up individually and the reduce them until they reach a single digit value. To generate the expression or destiny number, it is necessary to gather all the numbers for first, middle and last names. If your name features up to 20 letters, you add the individual numbers. This will yield a two-digit sum. The numbers should be added up and reduced to achieve a single digit.

Numerology Calculation Example

To achieve this objective, simply add the two digits making up the two-digit sum. For instance, if the sum is a 25, just separate the digits and add them up as follows: 2+5 to attain 7.

Master numbers may be defined as achieving 11, 22 or 33 in the calculation. There is no need to reduce it. Leave these types of numbers as double digits. Master numbers add depth to the depiction of the personality by the calculations. However, these master numbers can add a bit of mystery and difficulty to the readings as well. The same applies to anyone encountering the numbers while studying the topic of numerology.

Master Expression Numbers

Master numbers give you a glimpse of a unique set of personality explanations. Meanwhile, it is also possible to reduce these types of numerology numbers. This can only happen in specific scenarios, such as when they appear in a numerical equation or a date.

A good example of the name calculator process is as follows: Oprah Winfrey = 4 + 2 + 1 = 7. This calculation establishes Oprah’s expression number.

People with names passed down multiple generations like Peter Jones II or use unique suffixes or prefixes should incorporate them. This is applicable if the additional characters form part of a full name. Working with nicknames does yield an accurate interpretation. In the calculation, it is not necessary to worry about duplicates.

Numerology Chart Explanations

Once you have completed the calculations and established a specific number, you then match the number to the character explanations appearing on the numerology chart. This allows you to gain much-needed insight into your personality. Some people are named with a specific numerology result in mind. However, the majority of people discover their name number on the chart by chance.

Some of the character descriptions appearing on the chart include pioneering, individualistic, humanitarian, power-seeking, intuitive, dreamer and more. Apart from discovering personality traits, the concept also sheds some light into destiny and your soul. There are several calculation variations that reveal different aspects of your life, including subconscious dreams and inner desires.

Identifying your soul number allows you to discover your deepest desires, likes as well as dislikes. To find your soul number, simply assign vowels appearing in both your first and last name numbers. You can proceed by adding the sum and then reducing it. Meanwhile, assigning numbers to consonant letters yields your inner dreams and personality.

It is vital to pay close attention to the Ys and Ws when identifying consonants and vowels. Applying Ys as a vowel and combining W with a vowel, assigns them a soul number. Conversely, when Y and W are applied as consonants, they should not be assigned any personality name numbers.

Many people opt to change their names after discovering unsatisfactory name number results. The same applies to those who actually dislike their names. Changing the name provides a chance to use a more appropriate name that matches a complex personality. Adopting a relevant nickname is a more hassle-free way to get around the issue.

Numerology Name Calculator

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