Heart's Desire Number


Every person has things that they desire, and every person also has dreams and wishes that they would like fulfilled. The desires for each individual may change as they progress through the years, yet when it comes to numerology, each person has one primary desire when it comes to the heart.

It is the Heart’s Desire that is said to govern our purpose and can also help to direct individuals to their true motivations and intentions.

The Heart’s Desire has a direct influence on all that we do. It is also able to give us essential clues when it comes to shapes and themes of each person’s life. When using the ancient Numerology practices, it becomes possible to find out what your own Heart’s Desire Number is, by using letters that appear in the name you were given at birth.

Consonants Vs Vowels

When working out the Heart’s Desire Number you will only use the vowels in your name. A vowel sound is described as a phonetic tone which complete syllables. Whenever there is a syllable, there will be a vowel. In words such as “cry” or “my”, the Y is functioning in the form of a vowel. What a lot of people are not too sure about is that the letter Y also becomes a vowel when it is making a vowel sound within that syllable. So for example, the Y makes a vowel sound in words such as “very”, “carry”, “marry” and so forth. If you have a name like Yvonne, Gary, Karyn, or, Bryan, you should be counting the letter Y as one of the vowels in your name. It will not be a vowel in the words such as “yawn”, “yank”, or “yes”, as there is already a vowel present and the vowel sound is completing the syllable.

If you do have a Y in your name make sure that it is acting as a vowel when working out your Heart’s Desire Number. If it is not acting as the vowel leave it out, but if it is you need to include it.

How To Calculate Your Heart’s Desire Number

When calculating the Heart’s Desire Number or Soul Urge Number you will use all the vowels that appear in your birth name, which includes your middle name and your surname.

Enter your name in the box below to automatically calculate your Heart’s Desire Number.

Here we will use the name: Jane Lauren Smith as the example:

The vowels from this name would be: A E A U E I

The numbers that correspond to the vowels are as follows:

A = 1
E = 5
I = 9
O = 6
U = 3
Y = 7

So from the name that was used in the example, the calculation would look like this:

1 + 5 + 1 + 3 + 5 + 9 = 24

When you arrive at a double-digit answer, keep adding the single numbers together until you arrive at a single digit answer. If when adding the vowels from your name you arrive at the number 11 or 22, you will stop there as these have their own unique meanings.

From the example above:

The next step would be to add the 2 + 4 = 6

This would mean that Jane Lauren Smith, has a Heart’s Desire Number 6.

Heart's Desire Number

Below are the meanings of each of the Heart’s Desire Numbers:

Heart Desire Number 1: Individuality

The desire of a number one is to express their individual visions and ideas to the world. These people are highly motivated and driven and enjoy thinking “ outside the box”. The numbers one’s are also driven and competitive, especially when they honestly feel passionate about someone or something. They are incredibly strong-willed, yet need to be mindful as they can become narrow-minded and stubborn. If you have a Heart’s Desire Number 1 your purpose for your soul in this life to learn about how to take the creative and individual ideas that you have and then integrate these into the life that you are living. Your character is also known as a “ mover and shaker” and you prefer to lead rather than follow.

Heart Desire Number 2: Collaboration

People under Heart Desire Number 2 have a desire to work and connect with others to create and leave an impact on others and our world. These people are extremely in-tune with what others need and find it easy to adapt to different situations and people. The number two also finds it easy to get along with just about everyone. These people have a compassionate, intuitive, and caring nature. The two’s sometimes need to ensure that they do not let others take advantage of them. If you are a two, you can be susceptible to overthinking or overly sensitive. Your purpose for this life has to do with learning the best way to work with others in order to create the best things when it comes to the overall greater good.

Heart Desire Number 3: Self-Expression

The number three’s have the desires to express themselves through their passions, their creativity and what they stand for. These people are very positive and usually, have a very active social life. These people also have deep emotions and thoughts and finding the right outlet will always be beneficial for this personality type. The threes tend to be driven when they feel inspired, yet in some instances, their energy can become scattered, and this is when they find it challenging to remain directed. One of the purposes of the three’s is to express their emotions through work and personal relationships.

Heart Desire Number 4: Stability

The desire of the number four is to seek stability and groundedness, in order to bring their visions and goals to life. These people are thoughtful and logical souls that are on this earth to create order and structure. These people are very responsible, organized and do very well in the jobs that provide a way for them to manage people. While four might be fantastic when it comes to managing others, they often neglect their own lives. This can result in limitations, which leads to stagnation. The purpose of a 4 in this life is to learn how to become more open-minded when it comes to new opportunities and possibilities and at the same time staying grounded. In this way, the fours can leave a lasting impression on this world.

Heart Desire Number 5: Adventure

If you are a number five, you love adventure in every aspect of your life. You are always yearning for excitement and freedom. You do not enjoy routines for very long, and you continuously need change to make sure you stay interested. The fives are versatile, adaptable, and have active imaginations. This is a trait that makes these people highly creative and fast, thinkers. The fives can struggle when it comes to responsibility along with order, yet when you learn to understand this characteristic about yourself, this will help you immensely along your journey. Your purpose while on this earth involves learning to find the freedom you crave through the things you are committed to.

Heart Desire Number 6: Healer

The goal of a number six is to continually serve and help others. These people will always think about others before they will think about themselves. However, without enough balance, this could quickly become detrimental to the well-being and health of a number six. While the number 6 Heart Desire number is considerate and caring of others, it is essential that these individuals first learn to be kind and caring to themselves. The six is sympathetic and generous towards others, yet in some instances, the number six can become overly involved when it comes to the problems of others. If you are a six, you are probably very protective over others, and at times you are also very headstrong. Your purpose for this life involves learning how you can heal or help others by first healing and improving yourself. Once you take care of your own needs, you will become a far more powerful healer.

Heart Desire Number 7: Wisdom

The number seven Heart’s Desire is associated with people who are always striving to gain more knowledge and wisdom. If you are a seven, you probably enjoy learning, and reading and you will most likely still be one of those life-long students. The seven’s enjoy sharing their knowledge and teaching others. The seven’s also have a very sharp and active mind and they are usually highly intelligent. However, this strong mind might become detrimental when it leads to overthinking, obsessing, stress and anxiety. It may also make these people withdrawn. Learning how to tame the thoughts in your mind using techniques such as meditation can be extremely beneficial to you. The purpose of the number seven’s is to gain knowledge and wisdom, yet also to be an involved part of this world.

Heart Desire Number 8: Power

The desire of the number eight’s is to obtain power in order to uplift themselves and others. These people have powerful ambition and drive and enjoy being in the limelight. If you are an 8, you probably enjoy leading others, and you are very focused when it comes to achieving goals. When you are balanced, you have the ability to go very far along with becoming one of those inspiring leaders. However, when you are off balance, you may become dominating or materialistic. When you learn how to become humble and to avoid competing with others, your life purpose will become very apparent. Your goal for this life is to guide and lead others with an open mind and a generous heart.

Heart Desire Number 9: Humanitarian

The people with a Heart’s Desire Number 9 have a strong urge to protect our environment and to service people that are in need. These people are drawn to causes such as protecting Mother Earth and animals. They are also very compassionate and intuitive towards others and are at their happiest when they are of service to people in need. The nine’s have a strong desire to gain an understanding of humanity on the larger scales and are usually drawn to finding out more about different religions and cultures. While the nines are incredibly giving, they need to stay focused on not becoming narrow-minded or overly righteous when it comes to their beliefs. The purpose of the nine is to use their talents and skills to care for people and help heal our planet.

Heart Desire Number 11: Enlightenment

The desire of a number 11 is to advance in this life spiritually to obtain an understanding that is deeper about themselves and the world that they live in. These people are highly in-tune with other people, and some even hold intuitive or psychic gifts. They are compassionate souls and can often feel what emotions others are going through. When out of balance this extremely high awareness level can easily manifest into anxiety or nervousness. The eleven’s love working with people and collaborating ideas to bring goals and plans to fruition. The eleven is usually drawn to sharing the information they have on religion and spirituality, yet they need to take care that they do not push or force the beliefs they have onto others. The purpose of the number 11 is to assist others through their advancements on a spiritual level.

Heart Desire Number 22: Teacher

The desire of the number 22 is to guide and teach others to become the best versions of themselves. These people are highly intelligent and often look for comfort and stability in every aspect of their lives. When they feel confident or comfortable with specific areas in their life, they become more open to passing on this knowledge to others. They have strong foresight and intuition, which makes these people outstanding managers and leaders. When out of balance number 22 can become stubborn or dominating about their ideas. The purpose of the number 22 is to guide and teach others how to create a more loving and tolerant world.

Heart's Desire Numerology

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